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Best Wishes to All Our Customers for a Safe, Healthy and Happy 2021!

Sales to Customers in the United Kingdom
The UK Government has implemented a requirement, effective January 1st 2021 that all non-UK based businesses mailing customer orders to the U.K. must register for, collect and remit Value Added Tax (VAT). Unlike most jurisdictions, there is no "threshold" below which this requirement does not apply. However, there is an exemption for orders that exceed £135 (approx $184 US$ at current exchange rates). Consequently, effective immediately any order to be shipped to a customer in the U.K. must exceed US$200. As a "reminder", the four countries that make up the United Kingdom must use the country "BREXIT - ENGLAND", "BREXIT - "WALES", "BREXIT - SCOTLAND" "BREXIT - NORTHERN IRELAND" in the address at checkout. Orders placed for delivery to the U.K. that are below US$200 will be cancelled and refunded. For further information, see the notes to the left under "Sales Tax Notes".

Airline Hobby Supplies & the Coronavirus Covid-19
First, our best wishes to all of you and your families. We hope you are well, and continue to be so, and if you or your loved one has the virus, we wish a speedy and complete recovery. To any of our customers who have lost a loved one or friend to Covid-19, our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Tragic times.

AHS remains open for business. We are receiving our orders via USPS, UPS and FedEX, with only slight delivery delays. Likewise as we mail out by USPS and UPS, we are seeing domestic (U.S. addresses) orders delivered within a day or so of "normal". International orders are taking a little longer due to the reduction in international flights. So, as long as the Post Office and UPS remain open, we remain open.

One word of caution though: The WHO and CDC are, as yet, unsure how long the Covid-19 virus can "live" on a cardboard box or envelope. While it should be free of virus leaving my hands, we cannot be sure about those who touch it en route or at delivery. So please, out of an abundance of caution, let your package "sit" for at least 24 hours before you open it!

Sales Taxes & Import Charges
Please be aware that , unless I am mailing to an address in Arizona, I do not charge or collect sales taxes or import duties for your order.

Further, some countries and states are now requiring additional information be sent with your order to allow them to collect any taxes or duty due. To the left of these words, you will find category 6, "Sales Tax Notes". As we become aware of requirements for a country or state, we will add a note. Please take a minute to look and see if any of the notes currently posted apply to you, and if so, please read them. If you have any questions, please contact me at airlinehobby@cox.net and I will clarify as best I can.

Finally, I am often asked to declare a lower product value, or that the package is a gift. To do so means I will be breaking U.S. law, with the potential for severe penalties at my end. So while I understand that some countries impose significant import duty, I cannot and will not incorrectly declare the value of your order.

International USPS Tracking
Effective December 9th 2020 we will no longer ship to Brazil via the post office. Too many packages have disappeared while being tracked in the Brazilian postal system. All ordes to Brazil must now choose a UPS delivery option.

For all international US Postal Service packages (that's almost all packages we send outside the US), the USPS has contracted with GlobalPost International to process and ship your package. Your package leaves here with an address label to a GlobalPost facility (in my case in the Los Angeles California area), where a new label is affixed by GlobalPost that has your address. Your package then passes back to the USPS, and ultimately to your country and you through normal postal channels. While you can track your package on the USPS tracking site, you can also track it on the GlobalPost site. The link to do so is https://www.goglobalpost.com/track/

We are noticing that international shipments are taking longer than usual to arrive - sometimes much longer. A recent package sent to a customer in Malta took 4 months, for example. The usual cause is a lack of flights between countries due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. Reductions in flights and frequencies means there are fewer opportunities to move packages through the postal systems. So, please, allow 2 months for your package to arrive. If it hasn't arrived at that point, please contact me and I will see what I can do to get it located and moving.

Latest Arrivals

Postage Rate Increase, and Rule Change, Effective January 2020

The US Postal Service rolled out an across the board rate increase of approximately 6% effective January 2020.

International customers need to be aware that the method I now use to ship your packages first sends your package to a USPS Processing Center in California. At that location the USPS adds YOUR address to the package, and puts it back in the mail system. So when you receive your order, if you carefully peel off the label with your address, you will see the label I attach that send it first to California. As a result there are now two tracking numbers. The first 18 digit all numeric number tracks your package to the Postal Processing Facility in California, the second (shorter, with letters) tracks from California to you. I am loading both tracking numbers, however the second, "to you" number may take a couple of days after I mail it before any tracking shows up.

Please Note: If you are seeing only UPS rates when you go to select shipping during checkout, click the box that says "UPS", and select "More Carriers". Then click "Please select your shipping choice", and you should see USPS options. Further, we can no longer ship decals as USPS "First Class Mail" as the card we use to protect your decals is apparently "too stiff" to pass through the USPS automated sorting equipment. Our only remaining option is "First Class Package" for "Decals Only" shipping in the US.

If you experience ANY problem placing your order....

I have received emails from a few customers expressing frustration with trying to pay for an order by PayPal recently. There is a link to PayPal on the first "Checkout" page ("Your Cart") immediately below the green "Logon & Checkout" button, lower right. The issue seems to be intermittent, and Volusion claims they cannot find a problem. If you do, please do two things: First, clear all cookies and cache for your web browser, then close ALL browser pages, and re-open. If the problem persists, email me at airlinehobby@cox.net, tell me you did clear cookies, etc, then describe your problem. Please be sure to give me your name, city, and if willing, a phone number so i can contact you,. Thanks!

Please Use a VALID Email Address when you place an order
Why? First, if I have any questions about your order, this is the best way to communicate. Secondly, when I ship your order, if there is a Tracking service available, this is the email address that we will send the tracking information. Finally, if emails sent to the email address you provide are returned undelivered, your account will immediately be deleted. This means you will not be able to look at your prior orders, you will not be able to see the status of the orders. We do not share your personal account information with ANYONE, so please provide a valid email address. In addition, if you place an order with one email address, then change it to another, this site will let you do that. If you then create a situation where the are multiple accounts with the same email address, you will find you cannot sign in. Again, upon discovery, all such accounts will be deleted, and again you will loose access to your prior orders.

How to Find an Item
For regular stock, please use the drop down menus in the green bar above the banner image. Most items are listed under multiple categories, meaning you can find, for example, a 1/144 scale Delta Airlines Boeing 737-800 decal under the "Decals" heading, listed under its Manufacturer (Liveries Unlimited), Scale (1/144), Airline (D or Delta), or Aircraft Type (Boeing, 737-800). You should also be able to find it using the "Search" box, found in the top left corner of the page.

DieCast and Pre-Finished Models

I am clearing the last of my inventory of diecast and pre-finished models. I have models in 1/200 scale, 1/400 scale, and a few 1/500 scale, and for the most part I am down to one, perhaps two left of each model. I have taken the time to do a full inventory, and have updated this section of this store with accurate inventory information. Further, when a model becomes sold out, the site may let you see it, but will not let you order it. So.... for diecasts, you can be very certain that I have everything in stock that you can place in your shopping cart! As always, if I have made a mistake, and an item is sold out, I will let you know and will refund the payment. We reserve the right to limit quantities, especially multiple copies of our older and long out of production models.

A Word about Credit Card payments
When you place an order, paid by Credit Card, we are given an "Authorization" to charge your card. We do NOT receive payment when you place the order. We will, as the banks now require, "Capture" payments within 1 - 2 days of order placement. Please see our comment further down this page regarding Back Orders.

A Word about PayPal payments
When you place an order paid by PayPal, I receive full payment immediately. I will process your order as quickly as I can, sending what is in stock, and will refund all excess payment - that includes payment for items out of stock, and any excess postage. Again, please see our comment further down this page regarding Back Orders.

"Available" vs "In Stock"
Please read this section carefully, so that we can avoid misunderstanding.

I cannot keep all kits, decals, parts, etc in stock at all times. Further, I do not have the time to update the site to show what is "in stock" at any given moment, but I will do my best to update the site when an item becomes Sold Out. Why is this? Simply, my distributors do not tell me when an item is discontinued or when they are sold out, and I usually do not find out that an item is no longer available until I try to order more.

Secondly, while I buy some product from large distributors, most of my products come from what can be described as "cottage industry" suppliers. What does this mean? These suppliers are small businesses, and the proprietors have full time 'pay the bills' jobs. They produce their products in their spare time, which in most cases is very limited. Most of them do not keep inventory, but produce items "to order". Some are very quick to fulfill my orders, some take a little longer, and some a lot longer.

Which brings us to...

Order Processing Time and "Back Order" Policy
I usually "pull" your order within 48 hours of receiving it. When I take a vacation, I work your order within 48 hours of getting home. I note anything out of stock, and immediately add a record to my "Back Order" database. If everything requested is in stock, I should have your order in the mail within three to five working days.

If some items are out of stock, as said, I note this in my "Back Order" database. With most suppliers I place restock and new orders two times a month, some decal suppliers more frequently. At the three week mark, I evaluate the status of your order, and items ordered on your behalf, to decide how soon the missing items will be here. If your order contains items that are still expected to be more than 30 days from available, I will ship what is here, then send the back ordered items as soon as they arrive. If you have any questions about this, please email to airlinehobby@cox.net .

When your order is shipped, you will receive a notification from this web site with a tracking number, if available (but only if the email address you provide is valid). Then, depending on where you live, allow time for shipping and (if appropriate) customs clearance. Note International shipments will see two tracking numbers. One (the 18 digit all numeric number) tracks from here to a USPS Processing Center (in California). The second (the shorter letter-number) tracks from that Processing Center to you. It will take 2 -3 days for this second number to start tracking.

Your Order Confirmation
When you place your order, you will be able to print a copy for your records. Please be aware that the postage quoted is an Estimate, and may be adjusted when we complete your order. Again, be aware that if you paid by credit card I receive an "Authorization", which I then have to manually "Capture". Further, bank regulations now require that I "Capture" your payment withing 2 days. If I later calculate that I have overcharged, you will receive a refund of the excess.

Handling Charge (updated Oct 10 2015)
All orders under $25.00 before shipping will be charged a $5.00 handling charge. It will show up on your order and your final invoice as such. This handling charge does NOT apply to back order shipments. *** Effective April 2 2020, for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, the minimum order for this charge is reduced to $10.00 ***

A customer asked "If I place a small second order, that ships with a another order already "In Process", will the Handling charge apply"? Answer is "No".... but please remind me in the Checkout Notes of the other order! I will combine and if the new total before shipping is over $10, the Handling Charge will not apply.

Price Guarantee
Prices shown on this site can only be honoured for 'in stock' items. If an item is out of stock, and in particular if it is imported, prices are subject to adjustment for any price change from the supplier, or the effect of a changing currency exchange rate.

Payment for Your Order
We accept PayPal and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) from all countries. We can accept Money Orders from US and Canadian customers, as long as Canadian customers can purchase them in US funds. We cannot accept Money Orders from any other country due to excessive bank charges levied to deposit them. We will no longer accept personal cheques except by prior arrangement.

Damaged Items
We will accept return of damaged items within 21 days of shipping for replacement and a refund of your return postage. Please note that "Damaged" does not mean "inaccurate". For example, a kit missing a wing, or a diecast model with a broken landing gear is "Damaged". A kit that isn't accurate (for example the Nitto 1/144 scale 747), or a diecast that doesn't sit on its landing gear properly is "inaccurate". It can be returned for exchange or refund of the product price only.

Returns and Exchanges
We will accept returns within 21 days of shipping for a full refund of the product cost with no "restocking" charge. The item must arrive back here in re-saleable condition - kits must not have been opened, decals must not be cut creased or damaged, and diecast models must be free of any obvious handling damage. Postage and any handling charge that applied to the original order will not be refunded.

We will, at our discretion, accept returns beyond 21 days, subject to the item being re-saleable as set out above, and subject to a 20% restocking charge.

If an item is returned to be exchanged for another product, please be aware that the replacement order will be charged a handling charge if it meets the criteria set out above.

International Orders & Customs Declarations
The US Postal Service has implemented a new electronic customs form that requires that I declare your order as "Merchandise", and that I declare the full retail value of your order. Please don't ask me to declare your order as a "gift", or to under value the contents. There are severe penalties under U.S. law for doing so, and I am not willing to put myself and AHS in jeopardy over this issue.

Sales Taxes, and Import Duties
More and more jurisdictions are now wanting to add various forms of Sales Tax to orders and products delivered through the mail. Our product prices DO NOT include ANY such taxes, and (except for residents of Arizona) we do not add any taxes, import clearance charges, etc to your invoice. As sales tax laws change within the U.S. and around the world, we will revisit this policy and make adjustments as required. The important thing for you to know and understand at this time is that Sales Taxes and Import Duties are YOUR responsibility, and have not been paid when you purchase goods from AHS.

A Word about Shipping, Tracking, Insurance
Our preferred, and generally most economical shipping options are offered by the U.S. Postal Service. International shipments will be by USPS, unless you specifically request otherwise. US domestic shipments may be by UPS Ground for orders requiring a large (over a cubic foot) box, as USPS rates are significantly higher.

It is our policy to charge Exact postage required to ship your order, no more and no less. We make use of online services to pay for shipping for USPS, UPS and FedEx. So, should my system hickup when it obtains a shipping quote from the USPS etc (and it does occasionally), please understand that I will need to correct this on the final invoice, and charge the actual shipping cost.

Effective January 1st 2015. UPS and FedEx both changed their rates to take into account the volume of the shipment. USPS uses "volume adjusted pricing" for packages exceeding a cubic foot. As model orders tend to be bulky but relatively light, it is very possible that this site will under estimate their rates, as I cannot estimate and account for package volume at the time you place your order. You will be contacted should an additional payment be required.

Shipments of kits, diecast models, resin parts (in other words, anything except decals) to certain countries must be by a trackable service, such as USPS Priority Post, FedEx or UPS. We will not ship such orders by First Class mail as such shipments cannot be tracked or insured. At the present time, shipments to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, fall into this category. We reserve the right to modify this list at any time.

If your order contains ONLY decals, we pack your order between two pieces of stiff card, in an envelope, and (unless you request otherwise) mail by First Class mail. Orders that contain any three dimensional item (kit, resin parts, etc) must be packed in a box. Within the US it will then be shipped by USPS Priority Post or Express Post (again, perhaps UPS Ground if the parcel is over a cubic foot). Internationally, parcels go either by First Class Mail International (if under 4 lbs), or by Priority Post International (if over 4 lbs).

If you want any form of Tracking, you must select USPS Priority Post or USPS Express Post, or any FedEx or UPS service. UPS and FedEx provide detailed and frequently updated "door to door" tracking. USPS offers daily updated tracking of your order to domestic (i.e. U.S.) destinations. USPS International tracking usually stops at the border (blame your post office for this) to most countries. If your postal service provides tracking info back to the USPS, you will be able to see this on the USPS tracking site. If it does not, you won't.

If you want your package Insured, again you must select USPS Priority Post, Express Post, UPS or FedEx. The charge for insurance is an additional 10% of the value of the package contents, if insurance is available to your country. Insurance is not available to Mexico, and some others, as determined by the respective services. If your package goes missing, you must notify me in writing (an email is not acceptable. Must be a signed letter) within 45 days of shipping. I will file the necessary paperwork with the shipper, who will attempt to track the parcel (including a follow up with your postal service for International packages). When the shipper completes their investigation, and if they issue a refund, only then will I refund to you. If the shipper denies the claim, it is usually because they have determined that the package was delivered. If you still want the order, you will then have to re-order through this site.

Which brings us to.....

We Will NOT Ship to Hotels Under ANY Circumstances
While we appreciate that international airline crews (and customers visiting the U.S. on vacation) would like to save money by sending a parcel to their hotel, we have repeatedly found that such arrangements usually result in a lost parcel. Making matters worse, UPS, FedEx and the USPS will demonstrate that the package was delivered and signed for, and will not approve an insurance claim, while the hotel will deny ever signing for the package. It plays out like this: The package requires a signature, and a hotel employee signs for it. The package then goes missing at the hotel. You notify me, I file the claim with the delivery service, as per above. The delivery service denies the claim, pointing to the fact they have a signature for delivery. the hotel points to their published policy that says they are not responsible for deliveries. We have gone around this loop more than once, always with a bad outcome. We will not ship to hotels.

If your order is to be sent to a friend's address, please include their name on the order. FedEx, UPS and certain USPS delivery options will only deliver to a person whose name appears on the package.

Shipping to your Place of Business
If you ask us to ship to your office, we will do so only by Priority Post, Express Post, and with "Adult Signature Required" service, at an additional cost of $4.95 (this is what the USPS charges for this service), or by UPS or FedEx. Again, this is for your protection, the delivery person will note the name of the person who signs for the package, and will take the details from a government issued id at time of delivery.

Trademarks and Copyright
Airline Hobby Supplies and Airline Hobby are both Registered Trade Marks. Unauthorized use will be prosecuted.
All images on this web site are Copyright, with said Copyright held either by Russell Brown, or by the original company that produced the product depicted, and may not be used, reproduced, copied by any means electronic, photographic or otherwise without express written permission. Please contact us at airlinehobby@cox.net if you wish to gain permission to use any Copyright images on this site.

New Products

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