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Airline Hobby Supplies LLC
Your one stop source for airliner kits, decals, accessory parts, aviation related DVDs, and more!

AHS grew out of my interest in building airliner models, into a small mail order business based in Ontario, Canada. I moved to the U.S. in 2001, and re-established AHS in Arizona.

Over the years we have established relationships with companies all over the world that produce items related to building scale model airliners, that in turn we sell to model builders in even more countries. I recently looked back at a catalog produced by ATP Airliners America in the late '90's, and it amazes me how much more product - kits, decals and parts now available. There were perhaps 40 different plastic kits mostly from Airfix, Revell and Hasegawa, today that has grown to just under 300. Decals have exploded from about 500 to nearly 6,000 today.

In 1999 came the pre finished diecast metal and plastic display models, and at one point I had nearly 5,000 listed. For a number of business reasons I have decided to discontinue participation in this market. All remaining stocks have been sold.

I do my best to find and offer quality products, and to keep reasonable stocks of most items. As I outlined on the home page, keeping everything in stock all the time is impossible, and keeping a site like this fully up to date even more hopeless with a staff of one. We don't usually learn that an item is no longer available until we place a new order. I welcome your emails following up on your orders, and will do my best to reply as quickly as I can.

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 2128
Chandler, Arizona
U.S.A. 85244-2128

Our email address is [email protected]

Our phone number is 480 792 9589