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Information regarding U.S. State Sales Taxes

As AHS has all of it's operations located solely in Arizona, we are only required to collect Arizona State Sales Taxes for orders shipped to Arizona addresses.

For all other states, we observe individual state regulations regarding sales tax collection and reporting. Each state that has enacted regulations to collect sales tax from out of state vendors have done so with thresholds, above which we are required to register with the state, collect sales taxes, and file state sales tax returns.

Most states have set their thresholds based on either total number of orders in a 12 month period, or total $$ order amount in a 12 month period, or both. For example, California has set these thresholds at 200 orders or $200,000 (other states may be the same or may vary). So if I receive 201 orders, or the order total exceeds $200,000, I must collect California State Sales taxes on ALL California orders, and file California State Sales Tax Returns.

Then there are the tax rates: State, County, City and "Special District" taxes all have to be identified, and collected. There are now over 12,000 of them across the U.S., and knowing your address is insufficient to properly identify the taxes. Those "Special District" taxes (e.g. for schools) are not identifiable by zip code.

So, long and short of it is I have no intention of getting wrapped up in that mess.

First, I am nowhere close to the $$ threshold, and currently well below the order quantity threshold for all states. I track this information for every U.S. state and for every U.S. order, and when I hit 98% of a threshold within a calendar year, sorry but sales to that state will be refused until the next calendar year. There can be no exceptions to this. I am not filing any state sales tax returns except for Arizona.

That does not mean that State Sales taxes are not due and payable by you. What it does mean is that you must "self declare" on your annual state sales tax return. If you need information from me to help you identify sales taxes owing, I do have the orders, invoices, etc, and I am able to provide this information.

Thanks !