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Our Price: $9.95

Canada, our good neighbor to the north, is our largest E-Commerce export trading partner. Duties and taxes for First Class Mail International Service (FCMI) packages to Canada can now be prepaid for one low flat rate. If Canadian sales taxes are assessed, Canadian Postal Carriers collect them upon delivery, plus an additional $9.95 (CA$) "Service Fee". A package may also be held up in Customs, requiring you pay sales taxes and processing fees before picking up your package.

With prepaid Canadian Sales Taxes and Fees, your First Class Mail International (FCMI) package is delivered directly to your door without delay or any additional fees.

Our low flat fee covers all taxes free and clear including duties and Harmonised Sales Tax (HST). The way this works is I pay the fee when I buy the postage label for your order. It's a flat fee, regardless of the value of your order, your tax rates, and includes the processing fee charged by Canada Post.

To take advantage, please search for or click on product code " "
CAPPT" and add it as an item in your order. You can also find it by typing "Pre-Pay" (without the quotes) in the search box, top left corner of any page on this site.

Thanks !
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Uncovering the Lockheed Martin F-16A / B / C / D
Uncovering the Lockheed Martin F-16A / B / C / D
AHS Price $40.00

By Daco Publications, Published 2001
128 pages, with more than 500 full colour photographs, and detailed scale drawings in 1/72 and 1/48 scales.
The book measures 8.25" x 9.5" (21cm x 24 cm).

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Dummy Product for Null Order
Dummy Product for Null Order

This product code is a "placeholder" for orders created to fix a shipping issue. more info
Air-to-Air Ultimate Airline Photography (CSP)
Air-to-Air Ultimate Airline Photography (CSP)
List Price: $20.00
AHS Price $15.00
Clearance Price $15.00
Savings: $5.00

Clearance Sale!
Must be part of a $50 order (before shipping) to take advantage of this special price!
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Airline Modeller Set (all 29 Issues)
Airline Modeller Set (all 29 Issues)
AHS Price $150.00

"Bundle" of every issue still available.
As of March 13th 2017, 8 "complete" sets left!
US domestic postage will be $16.00 for USPS 'Flat Rate Medium Box' service (subject only to USPS price changes).
Ignore what the site quotes, this is what you will be charged. You can add decals at no additional postage cost.
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1997 Western Pacific Airlines Calendar
1997 Western Pacific Airlines Calendar
Our Price: $30.00

Wall Calendar, measuring slightly more than 10 1/2" x 7 1/4", featuring 12 of the WP 'logo' jet Boeing 737-300's.
Calendar is sealed, in perfect condition.
As it is thin, and flexible, it can be shipped by "Decals Only" shipping methods.
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NWT Air:  Flying the Boeing 737-200
NWT Air: Flying the Boeing 737-200
Our Price: $30.00

NWT Air's fleet of three Boeing 737-200Cs linked the sparsely inhabited Northwest Territories with the Air Canada mainline, until the company was sold in 1997. Between 1993 and 1996, former NWT Air employee and aviation fan Henry Tenby enthusiastically filmed as much of the Boeing 737-200 action as he could with the kind support of fellow employees who appear in the DVD.

Being fortunate to ride in the jump seat on many flights between Yellowknife, Edmonton and Calgary, Henry filmed a number of these sectors from the cockpit perspective and those video clips appear in this DVD. The DVD opens with a short air-to-air sequence of 737-275C N331XV performing touch-and-goes at Yellowknife airport.

The 70 minute DVD continues with lots of footage from the passenger cabin which includes pre flight safety demonstrations, in-flight service, and interviews with the flight attendants, and even a humorous visit to the company's dispatch office in Yellowknife. NWT Air had no shortage of colourful employees!

Lots of exterior footage of NWT Air Boeing 737-200 action is also featured on this DVD, mostly filmed in Yellowknife, with engine starts, taxi sequences, and take-offs. You'll see fleet numbers 661 and 662 (C-GNWN and C-GNWI) as well as the leased Polaris basic model 737, the old 1969 build former Pacific Western 737-275C N331XV, which was known as 663 at NWT Air. It was also humorously referred to as the "J" model 737, for reasons explained on the DVD.

Any lover of the 737-200 classics will find this DVD very interesting, as it serves up an enjoyable mix of cockpit, cabin and exterior action footage, and is complemented with a nice amount of "real people" footage. We've even included a nice surprise party scene when a long serving Captain was recognized for his service to the company. This DVD provides a wonderful look back to the mid 1990s when NWT Air and the Boeing 737-200 were top of their game.

DVD Programs

Chapter 2) 737-275C N331XV air-to-air

Chapter 3) Queen's visit to Rankin Inlet AUG 22/94

Chapter 4) Flightdeck ride YEG-YYC APR 9/93

Chapter 5) Flightdeck ride YZF-YEG FEB 13/93

Chapter 6) Flightdeck ride YEG-YYC FEB 13/93

Chapter 7) N331XV exterior footage YZF summer '93

Chapter 8) Flightdeck ride YZF-YEG FEB 19/94

Chapter 9) Flightdeck ride YEG-YYC FEB 19/94

Chapter 10) NWT Air dispatch office YZF

Chapter 11) Cabin YZF-YEG JAN 13/96

Chapter 12) Flightdeck YEG-YYC JAN 13/96

Chapter 13) Flightdeck landing YYC JAN 13/96

Chapter 14) Captain 20 Years service

Total running time: 70 minutes

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format
which will work on all current European DVD players
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Yellowknife, NWT, Canada:  Classic Props and Jets Alive 1990s
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada: Classic Props and Jets Alive 1990s
Our Price: $30.00

Twenty years before Ice Pilots became a realty show hit, aviation videographer Henry Tenby was video documenting the vibrant Yellowknife aviation scene in the mid 1990s while employed by local airline NWT Air.

At the time, Henry knew the place was unique in the world of aviation, so he endeavoured to film as much as he could between the years 1993 and 1996, using a Hi-8 video camera that he acquired in 1991. Living in Yellowknife and working at the airport, provided easy and frequent access to all the comings and goings on in all seasons, and this video captures all the flavours of operators that made Yellowknife the famous place that it has become in the ranks of worldwide aviation fans.

All the operators of the day are included in the DVD, namely Air Tindi, Ptarmigan Airways, First Air, NWT Air, Canadian North, Conair, and Buffalo Airways. You'll see winter, Spring, summer and fall operations, including everything from Beavers to Boeing, wheels to floats to skis, airport to float base to water bombers.

Plenty of footage filmed on the main Yellowknife apron features Canadian North and NWT Air Boeing 737-200s and Bradley/First Air HS748s. You'll witness passengers boarding, cargo handling, engine starts, taxi and runway action with superior noise qualities. In Old Town Yellowknife there's extensive footage of Air Tindi Twin Otters, Turbine Otters and Beavers on wheels, skis and floats.

Hard core propliner fans will be pleased to see an extensive filming report on the Conair water bomber base with DC-6, CL-215 and Tracker action. There's no talking here .. just non-stop engines, taxi and take-off sequences. Buffalo Airways took the GNWT fire fighting contract away from BC-based Conair in the mid 1990s, so this twenty year old footage is a very special memory from an era in the distant past. Air Tindi's Caribou and the Ptarmigan stretch G-1 make very welcomed cameo appearances along with the occasional Buffalo DC-3 and DC-4 and the the Plummer's Lodge Douglas DC-3 (captured in taxi, take-off and air-to-air!)

All in all, this DVD has something for everyone, except the "Ice Pilots NWT" drama. We're serving up 76 minutes of non-stop aviation footage, and invite you to sit back, relax, and strap in to enjoy the ride.

DVD Programs

Chapter 2) 737-275C N331XV air-to-air

Chapter 3) Winter lake ops

Chapter 4) YZF Boeing 737-200 action

Chapter 5) Wheels and skiis

Chapter 6) NWT Air dispatch office

Chapter 7) YZF main ramp

Chapter 8) Old Town float base

Chapter 9) Conair DC-6, Trackers, CL-215s

Chapter 10) Float base action

Chapter 11) Classic props YZF

Chapter 12) 737-200 action

Chapter 13) More HS748

Chapter 14) Boeing 737-200s

Chapter 15) Summer float base
This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format
which will work on all current European DVD players
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US Domestic:  Please pack my decals with Corrugated Cardboard !
US Domestic: Please pack my decals with Corrugated Cardboard !
Our Price: $0.70

Add this item to your cart if your order contains decals only, will be mailed within the U.S., and you want me to use stiff corrugated cardboard to pack your order. Postage will be higher, by at least the amount indicated here.

The default packaging for decals is to pack them between two pieces of stiff card. This default is flexible enough to qualify for USPS "Large Envelope" rate, and to date we have received no complaints of damaged decals.
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Air Canada Archives:  The 1960s G.R. McGregor
Air Canada Archives: The 1960s G.R. McGregor
Our Price: $30.00

By many counts, it can be said that Gordon R. McGregor was the father of Canada's National airline. When he became President of the company in 1948, Trans-Canada Air Lines was a fledgeling carrier operating a rag-tag fleet of mostly obsolete WWII surplus aircraft.

In 1968 when he retired after twenty years as the company's Chief Executive, much had changed for the airline and the industry. The company had re-named itself to Air Canada and was a leading world airline. From Air Canada's archives, we are honoured to present two films which celebrate the achievements of Gordon McGregor.

The first film is G.R. McGregor's re-cap of the airlines operations in 1962, which marked TCA's twenty-fifth anniversary. The airline had just entered the jet age with the introduction of the first Douglas DC-8 jetliners, and the Vickers Vanguards were recently introduced on the trunk Canadian services as well longer haul Caribbean services.

The second film is from G.R. Mcgregor's retirement party filmed in 1968. This film opens with G.R.'s speech to the guests at his party, and follows with a thirty minute in-depth history of G.R.'s working career, which more or less is a parallel history of the development of Trans-Canada Air Lines.

We've included a number of Air Canada TV ads from the 1960s which makes this DVD a fascinating look back at Gordon R. McGregor's achievements in the making of a truly great airline.

Please be aware that these films are presented for their historical importance, and not for their production values and/or image quality. These films are distribution copy prints that were made 70 years ago, and the image and production quality is not the same as we are used to today. In some of the films we experienced film breaks, film warpage (which result in the film being unable to hold focus), broken film sprockets, and blown out sound levels. So these films are by no means perfect. But we believe their historic value over-rides their technical imperfections, and we present them as a look back on a past era.

This DVD was produced using compact low environmental impact packaging, which results in considerable manufacturing and shipping savings. As such, we are happy to pass these savings on to you in the form of
FREE worldwide postage for this DVD title.

DVD Programs

Chapter 1) Introduction
Chapter 2) TCA Vanguard promo
Chapter 3) G.R. McGregor's 1962 Report
Chapter 4) Air Canada Vanguard TV ad
Chapter 5) 1960s Bahamas TV ad
Chapter 6) Let's Go DC-8 TV ad
Chapter 7) G.R. McGregor retirement speech
Chapter 8) G.R. McGregor career history
Chapter 9) Air Canada 1966 DC-9 TV ad
Chapter 10) 1960s Visit Canada TV ad
Chapter 11) 1960s Caribbean TV ad
Chapter 12) TCA Viscount DVD Preview
Chapter 13) TCA DC-8 DVD Preview

Total running time: 60 minutes

This DVD is available in NTSC region-free format
which will work on all current European DVD players
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