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Canada, our good neighbor to the north, is our largest E-Commerce export trading partner. Duties and taxes for First Class Mail International Service (FCMI) packages to Canada can now be prepaid for one low flat rate. If Canadian sales taxes are assessed, Canadian Postal Carriers collect them upon delivery, plus an additional $9.95 (CA$) surcharge. A package may also be held up in Customs, requiring you pay sales taxes and processing fees before picking up your package.

With prepaid Canadian Sales Taxes and Fees, your First Class Mail International (FCMI) package is delivered directly to your door without delay or any fees due upon delivery.

Our low flat fee covers all taxes free and clear including duties and Harmonised Sales Tax (HST). The way this works is I pay the fee when I buy the postage label for your order. It's a flat fee, regardless of the value of your order, your tax rates, and includes the processing fee charged by Canada Post.

To take advantage, please search for or click on product code " "
CAPPT" and add it as an item in your order. You can also find it by typing "Pre-Pay" (without the quotes) in the search box, top left corner of any page on this site.

Thanks !